Airport Research Center GmbH (ARC) is an independent, global provider of professional airport and aviation consulting, featuring engineering, planning and decision support services. With CAST ARC offers a world-wide leading IT software solution which helps to optimize investments and reduce operational costs. ARC’s worldwide clients and partners include airport owners, airport operators, airlines, ground handling companies, ANS provider, logistic companies, authorities, universities and other organizations, as well as engineering, planning and consulting companies.

CAST, the scalable and modular software, provides modules for airport simulation and capacity planning, resource allocation and real-time prediction based airport management. The usage of CAST reduces cost for investments and operations, speeds up decision making and planning processes and sup­ports smooth, safe and punctual operations. CAST seamlessly cover strategic and tactical planning as well as operational and real-time optimization.

Pax Flow Solution

SOLUTIONS powered by CAST, are customized software and services that allow to control and optimize terminal resources and processes, considering specific customer requirements and the individual situation at an airport. Based on the powerful CAST modules for big data analysis, AI-based optimization and simulation, the SOLUTIONS are designed to meet the exact need of the customers.

Airport Research Center GmbH offers its customers consul­tancy in all areas of airport planning and airport operations. An interdisciplinary team of experts ranging from architects, civil, traffic and aerospace engineers to economists work in close co-operation and are selectively chosen to meet the requirements of every customer and every project.

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