Security Management Solution


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Passenger Demand Prediction and optimized resource supply

Security Management Solution

The SECURITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION matches the resource calculation to the precisely predicted passenger demand and optimizes the level of service for passengers all at once. ARC offers this state-of-the-art software solution especially targeted for security checkpoints.

Facts & Benefits

  • Increased passenger experience by reduced waiting times
  • Increased efficiency of resource supply
  • Optimized use of existing security checkpoint capacity
  • Optimized communication of stakeholders
  • Lower operating expenses

Key features of the Security Management Solution

  • Accurate prediction of the number of expected passengers per flight and their show-up times at the security checkpoints based on data mining
  • Customized calculation of resource supply per time interval of day and also on a weekly/monthly/seasonal base
  • Display of graphic results and comparative scenarios in customized dashboards
  • Easy access to dashboards via web browser
  • Data hosting via cloud service – no on-site software installation necessary
  • Extensive real-life tests to prove the accuracy of customized calibration
  • Workshops with related stakeholders to support the change management process
  • Continuous support and frequent recalibration to ensure up-to-date results

We as an airline, as well as our customers, have benefited enormously from this improvement, which has led to less flights being delayed due to late passengers at the gate. We are very pleased that ARC made the customer journey at Dusseldorf Airport easier and faster.

Emirates, Düsseldorf Airport, Germany

Want to include live data?


The combination with the PAX FLOW SOLUTION gives you the unique opportunity to compare the prediction with live data. Managing your whole terminal operations effectively now gets easier.