Market Analysis, Forecast and Flight Schedule Development

Business planning requires extensive knowledge of the anticipated volume of traffic. Accurate forecasting of this data is essential for the approval process and the planning of investments and infrastructure. Besides a wide range of consulting services, ARC has a proven record in assisting international and national airports and airlines with expert reports on market analysis and aviation demand forecasts.


The forecasts and market analyses focus on global market and growth tendencies as well as on specific conditions at individual airports, their catchment areas and market segments. Forecast models developed by ARC consider a combination of factors, including economic development, socio-demographic structures, global growth trends, airport infrastructure, airline fleet development as well as competing offerings or potential growth constraints. In addition, ARC has access to extensive data resources for the creation of market analyses and forecasts.

Facts & Benefits

  • Market potential analysis
  • Traffic forecas
  • Design day flight schedules
  • Analysis and forecast of peak hours / days / months
  • Customized results and data reports
Market Analysis

Depending on the client’s needs, aviation demand forecasts can be produced on different levels of granularity. The data can be presented in different ways, depending on which sector of the market is intended to reach.


ARC can create demand forecasts that reflect both annual traffic data and forecast flight schedules for a future design day or a future design peak week. Furthermore, ARC also offers a detailed analysis and forecast of the future peak hour/day/month of the respective airport. These well-founded forecasts can be used as a baseline for all kind of economic strategic long-term and medium-term infrastructure and business planning.


  • Status quo analysis
  • Market potential analysis at country, region and city level
  • Traffic forecasting for passenger, cargo and air mail market
  • Analysis of airport choice behavior
  • Competitiveness of market strategy
  • Capacity studies
  • Market surveys
  • Airline route and fleet planning and base selection
  • Flight schedule analysis
  • Generation of input data for capacity, noise and environmental calculations
  • Analysis and forecast of peak hours / days / months
Market Analysis and Forecast