Real time prediction and pax flow optimization


Pax Flow Solution

The PAX FLOW SOLUTION provides fast-time predictive analysis of airport terminal processes. Integrated to the airport’s operation systems, this solution supports the best possible view on the next hours of operations. Thus, airport operators can use and staff resources more efficiently than before.


The PAX FLOW SOLUTION is designed especially for the needs of airport operators to support the operational terminal processes. The solution can be used for real-time prediction of terminal processes in an operational environment as well as for tactical terminal capacity planning.

Facts & Benefits

  • Realistic prediction for and on day of operations
  • Demand-based capacity planning and operations
  • Improved passenger flow management
  • Resource optimization
  • Supports strategic and tactical planning
  • What-if scenario analysis
  • Always up-to-date data base
CAST Express Simulation User Interface

Key features of the PAX Flow Solution

  • Accurate prediction of the number of expected passengers at all terminal processes and areas
  • Advanced facility requirement (FR) features to optimize the FR calculation
  • “What-if” analysis for testing operational concepts
  • Dashboard views with integrated live data for easy access to results
  • Cloud or on-premises installation for flexible usage with the airports IT systems
  • Continuous analysis of real-time data sources to re-calibrate the system
  • Experts support through ARC staff for the initial model development, system calibration, change management and training

most precise real-time prediction


To optimize passenger flows and process planning on the day of operation, the solution accesses the airport’s IT data like AODB, resource management systems and live process monitoring systems. The PAX FLOW SOLUTION automatically and regularly simulates the next hours of operation based on the latest system data available. This gives the airport operator the most precise real-time prediction on the passenger flows in the terminal and allows an optimized resource supply including the expected waiting times.

execution of “what-if-scenarios”


The execution of “what-if-scenarios” allows the user to analyze and compare different scenarios. Hence, the airport operator will be perfectly prepared if there are for example additional flights, a failure of resources or a delayed flight.


Dashboard views on the results compared to live-data give a predictive insight and common understanding of the expected terminal operation to all relevant stakeholders. Thus, it becomes easy to identify the most suitable solution to overcome the challenges of changing conditions.

Want to step further?


The combination with SECURITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION gives you the unique opportunity to include customized and highly accurate prediction of resource supply. Included Change Management guarantees a successful realization of the new approach.