Passenger Security Process Demand & Capacity Prediction

Project Overview

In order to optimize the security checkpoint waiting times, Berlin Airports was looking for a system that allows to predict the number and show-up times of incoming passengers at the security checkpoints. This allows a predictive and efficient planning and live-optimization of required security checkpoint resources.


The requirement for the optimized calculation approach was:

  • accurately forecast the number of expected passengers and their show-up time at the security checkpoints
  • calculate the staff requirements per time interval on a monthly/weekly/daily base
  • implement a live-web-dashboard with a fast-time predictive analysis which runs every 15 minutes
  • optimize the staffing schedules to continuously fulfil the desired service levels and avoid idle times

Services provided

On-site measurements were used to gain knowledge about the passenger behavior (e.g. show-up time at the security checkpoint) or operational conditions (e.g. throughput per lane). With SECURITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION powered by CAST, ARC applied a simulation model to cluster all information and to calculate the required security checkpoint resources to the best possible extent. Real-Life tests have finally proven that ARC’s calculation method is valid and leads to accurate results, which more than fulfil the client’s expectations. Implement a cloud based live-web-dashboard to show the results of the automated forecasts. Conducting workshops and interviews with all stakeholders to support the change management process which arose by the optimized allocation of labor-hours.

Results and Benefit

In the course of this project, a comprehensive calculation algorithm to predict the required security checkpoint resources was elaborated. The live-web-dashboard helps operating managers to always be prepared for the next hours and to react quickly to given changes.