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Oslo Airport
European Entry/Exit System Implementation Strategies
The introduction of EES will have impact on passenger handling: Additional questions to be asked, biometric data to be collected and checks against security databases. How can all these requirements [...]
Hong Kong International Airport
Terminal Collaborative Decision Making (TCDM)
With the Pax Flow Solution powered by CAST, airport stakeholders get a common view on the planned capacity situation and expected demand at all terminal processors. Connected to the airport [...]
Singapore Changi Airport
Terminal Capacity Analysis
So many different allocation options… A multi-scenario analysis by ARC identified the most promising way of operations, using CAST Aircraft and CAST Express. [...]
Dubai Airports
Level of Service Assessment
Enormous growth requires advanced planning tools. Simulation is the right tool to check the passenger terminal’s performance and to identify and solve potential bottlenecks before they actually happen. [...]
Hong Kong International Airport
Ground Handling Infrastructure Validation
Will the airside road network still handle the additional vehicle traffic after the terminal expansion? A CAST simulation allows to look into the future to forecast and solve potential bottlenecks. [...]
Oslo Airport
Winter Operations Capacity Study
Snow can lead to a significant airside capacity drop. Simulation is a valuable tool to optimize operational strategies for de-icing and snow removal to keep the capacity stable. [...]
Bogota El Dorado International Airport
Runway Capacity Analysis and Enhancement
By using a ‘virtual airport’ with CAST Aircraft as testbed for what-if scenarios, operational strategies could be optimized without disturbing the actual traffic flow. [...]
Frankfurt Airports
ATC Tower Positioning Study
Everything under control – The right tower position facilitates the work of air traffic control. [...]
Incheon International Airport
Pax Flow Solution
powered by CAST
Incheon Airport requested a solution to predict the capacity situation on the day of operation and to be able to carry out strategic and tactical planning of the airport processes. [...]
DHL Hub Leipzig/Halle Airport
Night Fright Hub Cargo Operations
In an CAST simulation study of aircraft and ground handling processes, measures to meet the high requirements for punctuality and reliability were evaluated. [...]
Hamad International Airport
Airside Capacity Assessment
A detailed airside capacity study is key for capacity declaration purposes and following slot allocation. This project was carried out in cooperation with IATA. [...]
APOC Simulation Platform
This project was carried out as part of the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) initiative, as part of the focus area “Airport Operations Management”. It focused on the development [...]
Munich Airport
Pax Flow Solution
powered by CAST
A precise view on the next hours of operations significantly optimizes staff planning and thus passenger convenience. The CAST Express technology converts the real-time flight schedule and live sensor data [...]
Moscow-Domodedovo Airport
Runway and Airside Capacity Analysis
Can the planned airside infrastructure cope with the forecasted traffic? Identification of possible bottlenecks by simulation with CAST Aircraft. [...]
Dusseldorf Airport
Security Management Solution
powered by CAST
In order to achieve an optimization of the security checkpoint waiting times, Düsseldorf Airport was looking for a system that allows to predict the number and show-up times of incoming [...]
Soccer Club ‘FC Viktoria Köln’
Stadium Process and Pedestrian Flow Simulation
The COVID-19 pandemic required a new safety and hygiene contact to reduce the risk of stadium visitors. ARC used the CAST software to test and optimize the planned operational concept [...]
Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport
Airport Expansion Process
ARC offers a one-source approach for airport master-planning combining traffic forecast, technical planning and airport simulation for capacity related questions. [...]
Cologne Bonn Airport
Security Management Solution
powered by CAST
Cologne Bonn Airport was looking for a system that allows to predict the number and show-up times of incoming passengers at the security checkpoints. A comprehensive calculation algorithm to predict [...]
Bordeaux Airport
Impact of EURO 2016 Traffic
Handling extraordinary situations doesn’t need to be a surprise. Comprehensive simulation tools can help to prepare in advance and manage all challenges. [...]
Oslo Airport Train Station
Simulation of Airport Rail Link
An airport causes high passenger volumes also at its train station. How can the passenger flow from train to terminal be optimized? [...]
Hannover Airport
Staffing Optimization of Passport and Security Control Lanes
Let’s align the labor-hour allocation to customer demand – and optimize the level of service for passengers at once. [...]
Cologne Bonn Airport
Security Management Solution powered by CAST
Understanding all sub-processes and interdependencies of an airport process like a security control can be a complex task. Within this study ARC used simulation to better understand and optimize the [...]
Düsseldorf Airport
Declared Airport Capacity Project
When an airport gets close to its capacity, it is essential to know where the exact capacity limit is. ARC has a proven approach to support the airport’s capacity declaration [...]
Berlin Airports
Obstacle Surface Planning
Expert knowledge and applying precise software tools are the right response to detailed technical questions when planning airport. [...]
Kharkiv Airport
Low Cost High Quality Terminal
Saving costs while keeping the functional quality high – ARC’s modular pallet ensures stable operational quality of the passenger terminal and still flexible costs according to the user’s needs. [...]
Stuttgart Airport
Terminal Master Plan Development
What are the requirements for a new terminal? ARC provided Stuttgart Airport with a comprehensive functional planning and a detailed performance specification for the following architectural design. [...]
Düsseldorf Airport
Expansion Planning
Having an eye on the expected traffic growth, ARC ensures that the terminal infrastructure can cope with the demand. [...]
Stockholm Bromma Airport
Airport Development Planning
A combined planning and simulation approach resulted in a demand-oriented terminal master plan considering high passenger quality and efficient investments. [...]
Berlin Airports
Security Management Solution
powered by CAST
Berlin Airports introduced ARC's Solution to predict the passenger demand at the security and immigration checkpoints in order to optimize waiting times and boost efficiency. [...]
Muenster Central Station
Simulation of Germany’s busiest Bus Hub
This bus station is the central hub in the urban and regional bus system and, with around 2,000 bus departures per day, is one of the largest bus stations in [...]
Vienna International Airport
Security Management Solution
powered by CAST
Vienna Airport and its security service provider were looking for a system that allows to predict the number and show-up times of incoming passengers at the security checkpoints as well [...]

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