Declared Capacity Determination

ARC is the independent partner for airports and authorities to determine the airport’s declared capacity using state-of-the-art simulation technologies.


Every slot-coordinated airport has to provide the so-called ‘declared capacity’ for the next winter or summer season, before the slot allocation process with airlines can start. ARC’s consulting services include a comprehensive analysis of historical and planned flight schedules to identify representative busy days for the capacity assessment, e.g. in terms of fleet mix or operational conditions.

Additional aircraft movements are systematically added to the selected peaks and the resulting delays are analyzed with ARC’s airport simulation suite CAST.

Facts & Benefits

  • Analysis of runway, airfield and terminal capacity
  • Best possible traffic volumes and reduced delays
  • Future proof approach by using simulation software
  • Elaboration of effective mitigation measures
  • Comprehensive flight schedule analysis for robust capacities
  • Consideration of airport specific operational concepts
Declared Capacity Determination

In contrast to analytical calculation methods, CAST can easily consider:

  • Dynamic traffic loads based on a flight schedule (multi-agent-technology)
  • Different separation criteria by time or distance (longitudinal, vertical, lateral)
  • Interdependencies of runway crossings or close parallel runways
  • Sequencing strategies or performance of ATC/pilots
  • Taxiing strategies
  • Statistical deviations of all parameters

best possible traffic volumes and reduced delays

The approach has been proven to show the operational limit of the runway, airfield or terminal infrastructure and has gained high reputation with airports and authorities, as the proposed capacities ensure both the best possible traffic volumes and reduced delays.

Declared Capacity Determination

Project Examples and References

Düsseldorf Airport
Declared Airport Capacity Project
When an airport gets close to its capacity, it is essential to know where the exact capacity limit is. ARC has a proven approach to support the airport’s capacity declaration [...]