Saving costs while keeping the functional quality high – ARC’s modular pallet ensures stable operational quality of the passenger terminal and still flexible costs according to the user’s needs.


Project Overview

Airport Research Center GmbH was commissioned to design the new terminal expansion at Kharkov airport, Ukraine. The major task was to realise a representative and also cost effective terminal building. Great importance was given to the technical building equipment.


Services provided

The project was split up into several phases from the preliminary work and drafts to design and interior planning. The preliminary work included the calculation of traffic volumes and detailed calculation of building height according to ICAO-Annex 14. It was followed by detailed planning of the technical equipment. Airport Research Center guided the complete architectural design process from draft to detailed planning. The construction of the new terminal in Kharkov was accomplished employing local companies. The new terminal extension was created using Airport Research Center’s modular pallet which is not only used to optimise the functional aspects, but offers a terminal that is sustainable in its design and has financial issues in mind.


By using ARC’s simulation suite CAST Terminal, the proposed terminal layout was optimized throughout all design phases ensuring an efficient dimensioning of facilities in line with the expected passenger demand. In the course of the project several master-plan layouts were worked out and evaluated in close cooperation with the client. The layouts varied in regard to the terminals location and the building forecourt layout considering the existing building structure.


Results and Benefit

Meeting the high requirements of Kharkiv Airport, this study resulted in a Low Cost High Quality Terminal. As the terminal has been created by applying a modular pallet of elements, another result of this study was that this concept now facilitates create any desired terminal. At Kharkiv Airport a second terminal building, which shall be built at a later stage, will be added through a similar construction.