New Air Mobility Systems

Electrified, manned and unmanned aviation has increasingly come into the focus of industry and public. A completely new flight logistics segment is around the corner. Improving local and regional mobility and intermodal connection while being sustainable with no CO2 emissions and low noise this segment is offering highest potential for strengthening the economy and enhancing the quality of transport.

In order to facilitate and support this development, new concepts have to be developed, tested and optimized on different levels of detail. The view hereby ranges from new air mobility or UAM (Urban Air Mobility) as a “System of Systems” to the detailed processes for vertiport operations and ground handling of new air vehicle technologies like electric aircraft, EVTOL and drones.

Applying advanced CAST technologies, like KI, big data analysis, allocation and simulation technology, ARC provides a wide scope of software and/or services to support planners, designers, drone manufacturers, logistics companies, transport operators, authorities or research institutions.

Typical questions to be answered include e.g.:

  • Where and how do the drones fly and how is the multimodal networking carried out?
  • Which transport services (passengers / freight) can be provided while taking into account economic efficiency and technical framework conditions (e.g. range)?
  • How can flight routes and corridors be planned?
  • What capacities are needed or available?
  • What is the level of acceptance among the population for integration in urban areas?

Facts and Benefits

  • Simulation and visualization
  • Improvement of planning
  • Reduced costs and risks
  • Optimal communication to stakeholders
  • Individual expert support
  • Tailored software solutions
Drone Simulation

Consulting Services

  • UAM/Drone market analysis and forecast (freight and passenger)
  • UAM/Drone vertiport master planning and advanced process planning
  • UAM/Drone terminal and airfield layout design
  • UAM/Drone air- or vertiport airspace network analysis
  • Capacity and transport performance assessment
  • Intermodality concept planning
  • Strategy development, feasibility studies and demonstration
  • Expert reports and aeronautical studies

Methodology and Tools for Capacity Assessments

Based on the worldwide leading aviation software solution CAST, ARC provides a full scope of digital tools to the drone industry to support quick and efficient concept development, analysis, decision-making and stakeholder communication:

  • 3D simulation and visualization of drone traffic scenarios
  • Network planning and analysis
  • Droneport operations and process simulation
  • For local, regional and supraregional drone traffic networks
  • Allocation and capacity planning and management
  • Feasibility test and demonstration of drone operations
  • Determination of technical KPI and business KPI
CAST Terminal Simulation Software

Reference Extract

Oslo Airport Train Station
Simulation of Airport Rail Link
An airport causes high passenger volumes also at its train station. How can the passenger flow from train to terminal be optimized? [...]
Kharkiv Airport
Low Cost High Quality Terminal
Saving costs while keeping the functional quality high – ARC’s modular pallet ensures stable operational quality of the passenger terminal and still flexible costs according to the user’s needs. [...]