Airport Master Planning

ARC offers comprehensive master planning services, ranging from the development of early conceptual studies, the creation of airport master plans and conduction of aeronautical studies to the functional planning of airport facilities.


With over 20 years of experience, ARC supports airports with an interdisciplinary and experienced team of architects, civil engineers, economic geographers and capacity experts. The core competence is the profound planning expertise combined with a deep operational understanding of the airport processes, which is based on years of experience in the field of operational airport simulation.


ARC’s services include the planning and design of all airport airside and landside systems including facility requirement and functional programming, facility sizing, layout planning, obstacle surface planning, ICAO compliance checks, etc.

Facts & Benefits

  • Master plan development and optimization
  • Aeronautical studies
  • Airport layout development
  • Functional planning
  • Capacity calculation
  • Environmental impact studies
  • ICAO Annex 14 compatibility checks and optimization
  • OLS – Obstacle limitation surface planning

Typical Master Planning Project Steps

A complete master planning project typically consists of the following work packages:

Tailored Consulting Solutions

ARC offers airports of all sizes a wide selection of services and solutions to meet the individual client requirements. No matter if a full new airport master plan is required, special studies need to be worked out or a given master plan should be reviewed – ARC offers the desired support:

Additionally, ARC cooperates with a broad range of partners being able to support specific working steps.


  • Forecasting and design flight schedule development
  • Airport master planning
  • Independant review and „second-opinion“ studies
  • Development and evaluation of terminal expansion options
  • Functional passenger terminal design incl. simulation
  • Baggage handling system concept studies
  • Layout development for runway, taxiway and apron systems
  • OSP (Obstacle Limitation Surface) planning
  • Aeronautical studies
  • ICAO and EASA compliance checks
  • Airport preparation for major sport events like Olympic Games etc.

Emission Targets and CO2 Reduction

The airport master plan is a key instrument for the long-term expansion planning of an airport. In addition to securing capacity, meeting the climate targets is becoming increasingly important. In this context, an expansion strategy that first activates existing operational potential before building new infrastructure elements is becoming more important in order to successfully reduce the associated CO2 emissions. A deep understanding of airport-specific operations is particularly important and should be integrated into the master plan process, especially by simulation of the operations.

ARC’s Special Expertise: Capacity Simulation

For more than two decades, ARC has assisted airports on planning and capacity issues. Based on this experience, ARC developed the simulation platform CAST, which is used by airports worldwide for planning and capacity tasks.

This unique simulation know-how distinguishes ARC from its competitors in planning and capacity topics and is an integrated part of our consulting services.

Particularly in master planning, key decisions must be made with reference to capacity issues. Here, the use of simulations is regarded as state-of-the-art technology and can be used as needed in a master plan project.

Reference Extract

Stockholm Bromma Airport

Airport Development Planning
A combined planning and simulation approach resulted in a demand-oriented terminal master plan considering high passenger quality and efficient investments. [...]

Stuttgart Airport

Terminal Master Plan Development
What are the requirements for a new terminal? ARC provided Stuttgart Airport with a comprehensive functional planning and a detailed performance specification for the following architectural design. [...]

Kharkiv Airport

Low Cost High Quality Terminal
Saving costs while keeping the functional quality high – ARC’s modular pallet ensures stable operational quality of the passenger terminal and still flexible costs according to the user’s needs. [...]