SESAR – Airport Operations Gaming Platform

Irregular operations need collaborative decision making. Applying an airport simulation model showed how different stakeholders can work together when having a common view on the airport.

Project Overview:

This project was carried out as part of the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) initiative, as part of the focus area “Airport Operations Management”. It focused on the development and application of a high-fidelity, human-in-the-loop simulation platform which provides a holistic view of an airport and its various operations.

Services provided:

Airport Research Center set-up and configured simulation models including airside, landside and all related processes by using the CAST Airport Simulation Suite. By applying  realistic simulation models of major European airports and performing “exercises”, operational experts interacted with the airport model in real-time via the so-called “Gaming platform”. This setup allowed to model specific scenarios (e.g. sudden capacity drops due to weather or accidents, terminal evacuations etc.).


The high-fidelity airport models, which were created within this project, include:


  • London Heathrow
  • Madrid Barajas
  • Alicante
  • Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
  • Toulouse
  • Bordeaux

Results and benefit:

The project showed that the CAST based simulation tool reinforced information sharing and collaborative processes among airport stakeholders to improve the airport performance by:


  • A common operational view of landside and airside processes to airport stakeholders
  • Pro-active management of the airport operations performance
  • Visualisation of the current and short-term performance
  • Monitoring and detecting performance deviations to warn concerned actors,
  • Assessing the impact as a do nothing case
  • Making actions proposals (AOP update, launching ad-hoc collaborative procedures)
  • Extended A-CDM: allows stakeholders to communicate, coordinate and collaboratively make decisions