Airport Research Center GmbH (ARC) is an independent, global provider of professional airport and aviation consulting, featuring planning and decision support services. With CAST airport simulation software ARC offers a world leading product which helps to optimise investments and reduce operational costs.


Clients and customers

ARC’s worldwide clients include airport owners, airport operators, airlines, ground handling companies, ANS provider, logistic companies, authorities, universities and other organisations, as well as engineering, planning and consulting companies.


Scope of services

Considering the high requirements for cost efficiency, safety, security and the environment, the services and products of ARC range from airport planning & design, airport master planning, airport simulation consulting, airport capacity assessment & optimisation, aviation market analysis & aviation demand forecasting to expert consulting in operations strategy development and evaluation and assessment of decision alternatives.


CAST – world leading simulation software

The worldwide leading CAST 3D airport simulation software developed and distributed by ARC, comprises simulation-, planning- and optimisation systems for pedestrian, vehicle and aircraft traffic as well as process models of landside, terminal, airside and airspace.

The use of CAST not only leads to an optimised infrastructure and efficient operations, but also to quicker and reliable decisions through a more intense communication possibility with experts, decision makers and stakeholders. The CAST user community appreciates the competent and highly proficient support service offered by ARC that lead to efficient applications and successful projects.


Competence and way of work

A guideline for all of ARC’s services and CAST software is to reach the predefined customer goals, driven by requirements like economical and technical efficiency, safety, security and environmental sustainability. In balancing factors, such as high level goals and detailed requirements, state-of-the-art technology and culture specific conditions, innovation and pragmatic approaches, customer orientated and tangible results of the highest quality are guaranteed.


History and team experience

Originated as a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University, for more than three decades, ARC’s interdisciplinary consulting team combines profound aviation expert knowledge, worldwide experience in international projects and the commitment to up-to-date technologies to guarantee solutions, results and products of a unique quality. All team members are highly skilled airport consultants, economists, planners, architects and engineers, who are used to working in an international environment, allowing for the customer’s culture, specific circumstances and requirements.


Customer relations

For ARC and its worldwide clients a close cooperation is one of the most important key factors to ensure the best possible outcomes. In addition to contents quality, a primary goal is to establish a long-term relationship of mutual trust and respect leading to sustainable results and optimal solutions.


Future Technologies and Research

Together with several well-established partners ARC is involved in international and national research frameworks. Research activities aim at keeping CAST software, methodologies and knowledge up-to-date and strengthen the partner’s network. The projects combine innovative and new technologies with future requirements and practical relevance.

Career at ARC

Airport Research Center GmbH is involved in nearly all sectors of airport consulting. Our interdisciplinary team is made up of the following personnel:


  • Construction Engineers
  • Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Economists and
  • Aerospace Engineers


As we are constantly searching to enrich our team with committed employees, we are publishing our job openings here.


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