Aeronautical Studies

Aeronautical studies are conducted to identify alternative means in order to achieve an equivalent level of safety. These studies assess the impact of deviations from the aerodrome standards, published and recommended by the ICAO, as well as the national regulations. They also present effective alternatives to compensate for the deviation and to ensure highest safety standards.


Due to the complexity of this issue, aerodrome and flight operational expertise is needed as well as the provision of adequate software tools. Applying a systematic and well-documented approach as well as proven procedures and data sources, ARC is able to provide a comprehensive hazard identification, followed by a detailed analysis of causal factors including severity and likelihood. Based on this gap analysis, effective mitigation measures can be elaborated in a convincing report.

Facts & Benefits

  • Precise assessment of obstacle situation and visibility
  • Comprehensive analysis of hazards and safety gaps
  • Elaboration of effective mitigation measures
  • Impressive visualization by 3D simulation support
  • Design of airside facilities according to international standards (ICAO)
  • Detail planning of taxiway curves and runways

References include


Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
Berlin Brandenburg International (BER)
Dublin Airport (DUB)


Zurich Airport (ZRH)
Berlin Brandenburg International (BER)
Gelendzhik Airport (GDZ)


Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
Sochi Airport (AER)
Reykjavik Airport (REK)
Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
Berlin Brandenburg International (BER)
Dublin Airport (DUB)

Aeronautical Studies

ARC has extensive experience in conducting aeronautical studies, including but not limited to:

  • Assessment of the obstacle situation
  • Design of airside facilities (runways, taxiways, apron) according to international standards as ICAO
  • Compatibility control of different aircraft types
  • Assessment of visibility (e.g. from tower)
  • Detail planning of taxiway curves / shoulders
  • Orientation of runway according to wind data
  • Calculation of tow curves

In order to meet all requirements of airport planners, ARC has developed different CAD-based airport tools, which on the one hand save a great deal of time when planning an airport, on the other hand provide impressive visualization for all involved stakeholders.