CAST Vehicle Ground Handling

Vehicle Ground Handling Simulation Software

CAST Vehicle Ground Handling is the leading fast time simulation tool for evaluating airside vehicle traffic and ground handling processes. It offers decision support for planning, optimization and validation of the airside road network and ground support equipment (GSE) facilities.

CAST Vehicle Simulation User Interface

With CAST Vehicle Ground Handling, operations and infrastructure can be evaluated rapidly in scalable levels of detail, in order to improve the airside layout, plan resources or optimize operations.


Applications covered by CAST Vehicle include:

  • Validation of infrastructure networks planning
  • Capacity analysis and identification of bottlenecks
  • Determination of required resources (equipment, staff, parking space, facilities, etc.)
  • Comparison of different layouts and operational strategies
  • Reduction of ground handling related delay
  • Analysis of the influence of an increasing amount of traffic on the existing infrastructure
  • Comparison of alternative routing and operational procedures (What-If experiments)
  • Test and validation of new technologies like AI dispatching and routing or autonomous vehicles
  • Simulation of autonomous airside operations including electric taxiing

Facts & Benefits

  • Short-, medium- and long-term decision support
  • Reduced investment costs and risks
  • Optimized resources and higher efficiency
  • Enhanced operational quality
  • Individual expert support
  • Easy communication with stakeholders
  • Quick return on invest

CAST Vehicle Ground Handling incorporates a sophisticated schedule-based dynamic traffic generation, which takes into account flight load information (e.g. passenger, baggage and cargo), as well as individual ground handler responsibilities and their dispatching strategies. Automated routing, an accurate microscopic driving behavior and conflict resolution guarantees most efficient application and highest usability. The included comprehensive 3D visualization does not only support an efficient use and analysis but is also an essential feature in order to provide meaningful presentations of results to customers and convince decision makers.


Further features:

  • Quick and efficient infrastructure set-up with automated data import and road network generation
  • Ground handling demand generation based on flight schedule and flight-specific ground handling schemes
  • Tour and resource allocation according to individual dispatching strategies
  • Automatic routing, conflict resolution and dynamic traffic management
  • Accurate calculation of capacities, delays, driving times and other relevant KPI
  • Powerful automated analytics, dashboards and export of results
  • 3D flow visualization for analysis and highest management attention
  • Highly rated training and supports services for immediate success

References & Customers

CAST has been developed by users for users with partners like BAA, Frankfurt Airport, Zurich Airport, Eurocontrol and Airbus.

Worldwide users include airport owners, airport operators, airlines, ground handling companies, ANS provider, logistic companies, authorities, universities and other organisations, as well as engineering, planning and consulting companies.


Additional Consulting Services

To ensure a quick start and immidiate success ARC offers consulting services, training as well as support for the initial set-up of a model.
As an further option the Continuous Modelling Service (CMS) does not only include the set-up of a 3D-CAST model of the airport but also a predefined simulation service on a regular base in order to check defined airport parts or to test next season’s schedule. For ARC and its worldwide clients a close and long term cooperation is one of the most important key factors to ensure the best possible outcomes and ensure the sustainable use of the CAST technology.



Subsequent to the training experienced CAST experts take care of the user support. The ARC helpdesk is there to answer technical questions regarding the use of CAST for specific tasks, technical problems or special features of CAST. Further, individual modelling and project support is available as an option.


Being a CAST User means becoming a member of the CAST User Community. Every year, CAST users from various international airports, airlines and consulting companies come together to network with other experts, share experiences, talk about projects, gain insights into the latest developments and discuss CAST’s vision for the future.