Project Overview

Moscow Domodedovo is one of the three major airports in the Moscow metropolitan area. As a consequence of the expected increase of traffic demand within the next years, Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME) intents to extend and reconstruct its entire airside infrastructure as well as the terminal facilities. Within this scope, ARC was contracted to perform an Airport and Runway Capacity Analysis and to evaluate whether the existing as well as the planned infrastructure can provide sufficient airside capacity in order to cope with the expected demand.


Services provided

Starting with the development of a future scenario flight schedules based on a traffic forecast of DME ARC and Moscow-Domodedovo Airport agreed on the different construction phases to be considered in this study.


For the investigation of the airside capacity, ARC set-up a combined CAST Aircraft and CAST Vehicle simulation model to reflect both, the aircraft and vehicle traffic at the airside.


One major task was assessing the practical runway capacity for multiple runway system layouts. Further airside infrastructure including the taxiway, aircraft stands or the airside road network was evaluated as well. This allowed identifying of potential bottlenecks within the existing and planned airside infrastructure. Based on the results and various KPIs ARC could give recommendations on operative and infrastructural improvements.


Results and Benefits

Due to the comprehensive CAST tool suite ARC could address capacity questions reading the aircraft and vehicle traffic in the same model. This ensured that all interactions could be reflected in a suitable and accurate way.


As main result ARC supported Moscow Domodedovo Airport with a comprehensive analysis on the practical runway capacity for multiple runway layouts making sure that the most efficient layout can be selected.