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SOLUTIONS powered by CAST Express are customized software products that allow to predict the operational future and control and optimize terminal resources and processes, considering specific customer requirements and the individual situation at an airport.


Based on the powerful CAST modules for big data analysis, AI-based optimization and simulation, the SOLUTIONS are designed to meet the specific needs of each airport.  The included full-service approach includes requirements analysis, technical integration as well as basic data evaluation and system calibration. Change management including training and long-term support complete the SOLUTION packages.

Security Control


CAST Solution5

Lower operating expenses

CAST Solution4

Increased retail revenues

CAST Solution3

increased efficiency of resource supply

CAST Solution2

increased passenger experience by reduced waiting times

CAST Solution6

SaaS – easy access via web dashboard

CAST Solution1

realistic prediction for and on day of operations


Passenger Demand Prediction and Optimized Resource Supply

A state-of-the-art software solution especially targeted for security checkpoints. The solution matches the resource calculation to the precisely predicted passenger demand and optimizes the level of service for passengers all at once.


Real Time Prediction and Pax Flow Optimization

Fast-time predictive analysis of airport terminal processes. Integrated to the airport’s operation systems, this solution supports the best possible view on the next hours of operations. Thus, airport operators can operate, use and staff resources more efficiently.


Real Time Test and Training Platform

A unique hybrid simulation platform that combines fast-time and real-time gaming simulation and provides an holistic view of an airport and its various operations. The tool reinforces information sharing and collaborative processes among airport stakeholders to improve the airport performance.

Case Study

Cologne Bonn Airport, Germany

„ Between 2016 and 2018, Cologne/Bonn Airport was able to reduce the annual working hours at security checkpoints by 7% while the number of passenger increased by 4%. The higher efficiency results in significant savings of operating expenses. By reducing the waiting times massively, the passenger experience was improved simultaneously. Since the highly accurate planning exactly matches resource supply and passenger demand, over- and underplanning is avoided. „

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