Airport Data Capture

The acquisition of input data is an essential baseline for system analysis and the setting up of simulation models. ARC therefore provides CAST Survey,  a data collection system based on the latest hardware and software technology for devices with the Android operating system. 


CAST Survey is a powerful tool suite for passenger survey and data capture projects at airports. All data capture applications focus on specific airport processes and are based on the Android operating system, allowing a wide range of handheld products to run them.


With CAST Survey it is possible to capture more relevant data, both with a higher quality as well as with reduced costs during the data capture process.


With the CAST Simulation Software, ARC also provides the right products to make the best use of the gathered data for evaluation and optimization of airport processes: A real one hand solution.

CAST Survey records the operational process parameters associated with various handling resources, e.g.:

  • Flow rates
  • Handling times of various services
  • Transaction times for sub-processes
  • Idle times
  • Detailed show up profiles
  • Type of travel
  • Modal split
  • Group size
  • Bag count

Two different data capture methodologies are supplied:

  • A short interview with 1 or 2 questions is used at the time on a flight-specific basis to assess incoming passenger profiles. More detailed questionnaires are used to record further passenger characteristics.
  • No interviews are conducted for data capture purposes. This means data can be captured from neutral locations with no passenger input or even subsequently based on video recordings.

All captured data can be linked to additional information. Show up profiles can be easily generated per flight or transaction times can be separated by the amount of luggage or any other attribute.
CAST Survey significantly facilitates the capturing project. Predefined graphical input schemes follow the actual process flow. The user just has to press the relevant button, when the passenger performs a specified action to set a time stamp. The recorded data is exported to the CAST Survey evaluation software, which allows automated analysis for a quick and comprehensive visualization of the captured data.