COVID-19 Vaccination Center

Planning and Optimization of Vaccination Centers

In a global effort to overcome the COVID crisis, authorities worldwide are currently setting up vaccination centers. Due to these centers’ complexity, new procedures, and interconnected processes, there are numerous challenges to ensure smooth, safe, and efficient operations.

Airport Research Center (ARC), a Germany-based company, applies its CAST simulation technology to provide a realistic representation of such a vaccination center’s typical processes in a 3D environment.

The model simulates critical process steps according to the facility’s actual characteristics, including throughput rates, processing times, staffing levels, and interdependencies between processes. In the simulation model, passengers enter the facility according to their assigned appointments and a set of attributes define individual passenger behavior within the simulated facility. Simulation analysts adapt the model to local conditions by setting predefined parameters in the model.

Facts & Benefits

  • Validation of general concept
  • Optimization of infrastructure planning
  • Balancing of interdependent processes
  • Prevention of critical situations
  • Calculation of staff requirements
  • Increased efficiency and cost optimization
  • Response to disrupted operations
  • What-if scenarios with a digital twin

Simulating a COVID-19 Vaccination Center

By analyzing various scenarios and stress tests, simulation analysts determine the effectiveness and efficiency of a vaccination center’s planned configuration according to a set of metrics and requirements. For example, the CAST simulation model may be used as a test-bed to identify and mitigate potential bottlenecks due to layout configuration, identify and test improved layouts, optimize facility staffing levels, or improve operational procedures.


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No matter if you have already started operating your vaccination center or if you are still in the planning phase – we can individually support you to bring it to the next level and convince involved stakeholders. Contact us now to evaluate how we can individually support you in your current situation.