Airport Master Planning

ARC offers comprehensive services, ranging from the development of early conceptual studies, the comprehensive creation of airport master plans and conduction of aeronautical studies to the functional planning of airport facilities.


In the context of international airport master planning ARC’s services include the planning and design of all airport airside and landside systems including facility requirement and functional programming, facility sizing, layout planning, obstacle surface planning, ICAO compliance checks, etc.


Additionally, ARC cooperates with a broad range of partners, offering clients a wide selection of services with regard to master planning, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Master plan development and optimization
  • Development of aeronautical and conceptual studies
  • Evaluation of existing plans
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Layout development for runway, taxiway and apron systems
  • Layout development for passenger terminals
  • Capacity calculations
  • Functional planning of all airport areas
  • Determination of the optimal tower / apron control position
  • General design and detailed planning of all facilities (i.e. catering, cargo, fire brigade, maintenance halls, hotels, offices, etc.)
  • Evaluation of airport access system (curbside, parking systems, rail facilities, etc.)

Facts & Benefits

  • Master plan development and optimization
  • Aeronautical studies
  • Airport layout development
  • Functional planning
  • Capacity calculation
  • ICAO Annex 14 compatibility checks and optimization
  • OLS – Obstacle limitation surface planning

Reference Extract

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