Security Management Solution

Security Management Solution

powered by CAST

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Passenger Demand Prediction and optimized resource supply


The SECURITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION powered by CAST significantly reduces queues and waiting times and optimizes resource utilization by predicting demand and facilitating proactive resource management. In consequence an improved level of service (LOS) leads to highest passenger satisfaction and optimized staffing reduces the operational costs.

The Solution


The SECURITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION predicts the exact passenger flow demand for planning purposes (monthly, weekly, next day) as well as actual terminal operations based on operational data (AODB).
Specially trained algorithms determine the matching resource requirements to achieve defined quality targets (Level of Service – LOS) for the forecasted passenger flow demand.
Based on big data analysis and deep learning technologies, extensive (historical) data is used to learn the system passenger behavior for a wide range of situations, thus enabling extremely accurate demand forecasts.

Software & Service


The key to the successful implementation of optimized passenger flow prediction and resource planning is the combination of technology and service. In close cooperation with the customer, the ARC team develops a tailor-made concept that includes all components from big data analysis and CAST software to training and change management. This approach is far superior to purely technological solutions, as this is the only way to ensure maximum user acceptance and efficiency.

Facts & Benefits

  • Proactive terminal management
  • Increased passenger experience by reduced waiting times
  • Guaranteed LOS
  • Increased efficiency of resource supply
  • Optimized use of existing security checkpoint capacity
  • Optimized staff demand planning
  • Optimized communication between stakeholders
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Reduced passenger security fees

Key features of the Security Management Solution

  • Accurate prediction of the number of expected passengers per flight and their show-up times at the security checkpoints based on data mining
  • Customized calculation of resource supply per time interval of day and also on a weekly/monthly/seasonal base
  • Display of graphic results and comparative scenarios in customized dashboards
  • Easy access to dashboards via web browser
  • Data hosting via cloud service – no on-site software installation necessary
  • Extensive real-life tests to prove the accuracy of customized calibration
  • Workshops with related stakeholders to support the change management process
  • Continuous support and regular updates to ensure sustainable quality

Selected Projects

Berlin Airports
Security Management Solution
powered by CAST
Berlin Airports introduced ARC's Solution to predict the passenger demand at the security and immigration checkpoints in order to optimize waiting times and boost efficiency. [...]

Want to include live data?


The combination with the PAX FLOW SOLUTION gives you the unique opportunity to compare the prediction with live data. Managing your whole terminal operations effectively now gets easier.