Terminal Planning and Simulation

The services offered by ARC encompass all aspects of terminal planning. From evaluating existing facilities, to developing terminal layouts and operational concepts for efficient use of resources within the terminal (i.e. check-in, security controls, baggage check), our goal is to enhance the function of terminal buildings, guaranteeing long-term utilization and preventing unnecessary investment costs.


Apart from planning new terminal buildings, the evaluation and improvement of existing terminal buildings and their facilities are an essential part of the planning objectives Analyzing and evaluating airport operations, in conjunction with capacity and functional analyses, can lead to the detection of unused reserves and the postponement or even prevention of cost-intensive expansion issues.

Facts & Benefits

  • Terminal facility planning
  • Capacity analysis
  • Passenger and baggage flow optimization
  • Architectural concept design
  • Low-Cost-High-Quality Terminal

ARC‘s consulting services range from developing terminal layouts as well as operational concepts for new and existing terminal buildings, up to evaluating existing facilities for a more efficient usage of resources (i.e. check-in, security controls, baggage check, etc.). ARC’s goal is to improve terminal building functionality, thus guaranteeing a long-term usage of the terminal facility, which in turn prevents additional investment costs. In order to attain the highest possible level of planning accuracy, ARC employs its multi-agent 3D airport simulation system CAST Terminal, to illustrate passenger flows and the baggage handling systems. Consequently, an accurate representation of the terminal environment is made, which can be used for further terminal layout analyses.


  • Terminal facility planning
  • Capacity and functionality analysis
  • Service quality evaluation
  • Alternative terminal layout concept evaluation
  • Alternative operational strategy development
  • Architectural concept design
  • Creation of CAD models (2D and/or 3D)
  • Validation of planned terminal design by simulation

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