Security Optimization

Many airports around the world strive for the best possible throughput at their security checkpoint. Moreover, staff should be allocated in the most efficient way. ARC supports airports in this task by applying state-of-the-art simulation technologies.


The security control process at airports consists of several sub-processes, such as preparing trays, bag screening, person screening, secondary search of bags and persons, etc. The final throughput is often based on the weakest element.

Facts & Benefits

  • Optimization of lane layout and operational concept
  • Efficient employment of staff
  • Detection and mitigation of potential bottlenecks
  • Increase of security control throughput
  • Anticipation of changed regulations like LAGs rules or implementation of body scanners
CAST Terminal Detailed Security Model

By comprehensive on-site measurements and using a detailed security simulation model, ARC is able to detect the throughput of the current security control configuration and how it can be improved. The simulation model considers all relevant interdependencies between the various sub-processes of the passenger and bag flow, which is hardly possible with analytical calculation methods.

Simulation easily allows comparing different scenarios, ranging from different layouts to operational concepts to staffing levels. Thus, the most efficient configuration is identified and costs can be saved by avoiding miss-investing. The simulation model is also a valuable tool to illustrate cause and effect to various stakeholders. It can even be used for training of security staff to demonstrate, how they can support a stable and efficient flow through the security checkpoint.


Airports also trust in ARC to assess the impact of changed regulations or integration of new screening equipment like advanced scanning technology for baggage, persons, or specific liquid scanners.

Subset of References

  • Cologne Bonn International Airport (CGN)
  • Hamburg International Airport (HAM)
  • Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS)
  • Stuttgart International Airport (STR)

Project Examples and References

Berlin Airports
Security Management Solution
powered by CAST
Berlin Airports introduced ARC's Solution to predict the passenger demand at the security and immigration checkpoints in order to optimize waiting times and boost efficiency. [...]