Airside Planning and Simulation

Design and Optimization of Airside Facilities and Infrastructure


The services offered by ARC encompass all aspects of airside planning and capacity analysis. From evaluating existing facilities, to developing airside layouts and operational concepts for efficient use of airside resources (i.e. runways, taxiways aprons, and aircraft stands), our service support you in order to optimize investment and reduce operational cost.


ARC assists airports to

  • Validate and optimize airside planning
  • Match infrastructure development to long-term demand
  • Accelerate the planning process and minimize risks of decision making
  • Develop and optimize project phasing (when to build, what to build, how to build)
  • Perform capacity studies for airspace, runways, taxiways and stands
  • Optimize processes, operational strategies and improve capacity
  • Determine declared capacity
  • Optimize resource utilization e.g. for runways and aircraft stands
  • Obstacle Surface Planning (ICAO, FAA and other rules)
  • Tower Planning (optimal height and position)
  • Optimize de-icing and snow clearance procedures

Facts & Benefits

  • Improvement of planning reliability
  • Speed up of planning process
  • More capacity, less delays
  • Demand-oriented development of infrastructure
  • Improvement of capacity
  • Simulation and visualization
  • Optimized investments
  • Reduced operational costs


  • On site-analysis and expert discussion
  • Close cooperation with the client
  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Detailed planning including 2D/3D visualization
  • CAST Simulation services
  • International benchmarking
  • Provision of expert reports and studies
  • Development and evaluation of decision alternatives
  • Systems optimization (airspace, runways, taxiways, aprons and stands)
  • Customer orientated and tangible results and recommendations

Reference Extract

Bogota El Dorado International Airport
Runway Capacity Analysis and Enhancement
By using a ‘virtual airport’ with CAST Aircraft as testbed for what-if scenarios, operational strategies could be optimized without disturbing the actual traffic flow. [...]
Hong Kong International Airport
Ground Handling Infrastructure Validation
Will the airside road network still handle the additional vehicle traffic after the terminal expansion? A CAST simulation allows to look into the future to forecast and solve potential bottlenecks. [...]
APOC Simulation Platform
This project was carried out as part of the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) initiative, as part of the focus area “Airport Operations Management”. It focused on the development [...]