Airspace Simulation with CAST

CAST Airspace

From Airway to Touchdown

Let’s get ready for lift-off! CAST has made the next step into air: Based on the proven CAST Aircraft platform, ARC’s new product CAST Airspace is widely extending your options in airspace capacity studies, new organization of routes or sectors as well as procedure changes.

A CAST Airspace model covers the relevant routes to the airport of interest including its SIDs, STARs and sectors for initial, intermediate and final approach. ATC concepts such as speed control, radar vectoring and holding procedures are followed. A special feature is the application of the Eurocontrol BADA performance database: based on industry-leading aircraft performance reference data, BADA ensures realistic altitude as well as speed profiles for the vast majority of aircraft.

Typical Use Cases of CAST Airspace

  • Quantification of capacity (both throughput and occupation) for
    • Airspace sectors (CTA, TMA, CTR including subsectors)
    • ATS routes (SID, STAR, Transition, Approach) including system dependencies
  • Validation and scenario comparison of ATC procedures, IFP changes, RWY usage concepts
  • Optimization of operational performance incl. flight delay, duration, distance (‘track miles flown’)
  • Application for ultimate and declared capacity studies
  • Assessment of environmental aspects like fuel consumption in all phases of a flight

Key Features

  • Automated assignment of optimum trajectory
  • Consideration of desired separation
  • Dynamic re-routing and conflict resolution (including holdings)
  • Analysis of airspace sector occupancy and throughput
  • Impact on delay, additional fuel burn and ATC workload