Webinar: Airport Challenges by the new European Entry/Exit System (EES)

Complying with the new European Entry/Exit System (EES) will become a new requirement for the European airports in the near future. The EES system will be an automated IT system registering travellers from third countries (i.e. NonEU nationals) each time an EU external border is crossed. The system will compare and/or register a set of data including the passenger’s biometric data, including fingerprints and facial images.


Although nuances of the final implementation still need to be finalized, airport operators and responsible agencies need to start planning for this new system and the related operational and technical challenges. This is of particular importance as previous studies by ARC pointed out that a ‘do-nothing’ strategy can easily push waiting times and queue lengths at immigration to inacceptable levels.


In this 1-hour webinar, we demonstrate the impact on passenger handling and resource allocation, compare different operational principles for applying the EES rules and give recommendation how to prepare best for the new system.


Join us on 23 Mar 2022 at 16:00 CET / 15:00 GMT.

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