Video: Airport Terminal Simulation – Pre and Post Covid-19 Outbreak 

Airport Terminal Simulation

Pre and Post Covid-19 Outbreak

This video shows the impact of potential Covid-19 measures on airport check-in using CAST Simulation and Allocation Software. Different recommendations regarding social distance exist – this scenario assumes 2m distance in passenger queues. The social distance measure applied in this case study also tests the impact of closing every 2nd check-in counter. This leads to a drop in capacity and much higher space consumptions.


Next to social distancing impacts as presented in the video, using a digital twin of the airport helps to simulate and understand further Covid-19 impacts, like new processes (e.g. temperature check), increased processing times (e.g. health related questions) or changed allocation rules. Simulation based testing, validation and visualization of future traffic scenarios (for restart and next seasons) help to prepare for changed regulations and adapt operational concepts. This does not only contribute to informed decision-making and efficient operations, but also helps to ensure the well-being and trust of the passengers in air travel.

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