CAST Training Courses 2023

We are pleased to announce the dates for the next CAST Training sessions.

The regular Basic Trainings for all CAST modules are meant for CAST beginners and will give the course participants an overview and understanding of the capabilities and functionalities. During the training a small airport model will be set up and simulated consisting of all relevant processes. The general steps required to set up a model are explained. This includes infrastructure modelling, import of a flight schedule, setting of object characteristics, process flow definition, definition of allocation rules, model verification as well as result generation and analysis.

The CAST Basic Trainings will enable the participants to understand the fundamental modelling and simulation logic of CAST and applying it in simulation studies and allocation tasks.

The specific CAST Terminal Advanced Training provides deeper insight into advanced capabilities for your simulation studies. This will include best practices for central data management in your model, implementation of advanced user specific processes, smart scenario setup and various tips and tricks regarding visualization, advanced log analysis and much more.


The courses will be held at the following dates:


CAST Module Dates Duration
Aircraft 27 Feb – 08 Mar 2023
8 sessions à 4 hours
Stand Allocation 16 – 20 Jan 2023
5 sessions à 4 hours
Airspace 21 – 23 Nov 2022
3 sessions à 4 hours
Terminal (Basic) 06 – 15 Feb 2023
8 sessions à 4 hours
Terminal (Advanced) 13 – 17 March 2023
5 sessions à 4 hours
Vehicle 20 – 29 March 2023
8 sessions à 4 hours
Express 20 – 24 Feb 2023
5 sessions à 4 hours


We are offering the trainings as remote sessions with 4 hours per day

For further information and booking please contact us via or our contact form.