COVID-19 Vaccination Center

In a global effort to overcome the COVID crisis, many authorities around the world are currently setting up vaccination centers. Their complex process chain and the interdependent activities bear several challenges for the operator to ensure a safe and efficient handling of the community members.

ARC has therefore developed a simulation model, which allows a realistical representation of all processes of such a vaccination center in a 3D environment. All process steps are simulated according to their actual characteristics, including throughput rates and processing times, staffing levels and interdependencies between processes. People show up based on their appointments and have specific attributes as well. The model can easily be parametrized according different local conditions.

By analyzing various scenarios and stress tests, the planned configuration of the vaccination center is verified. In case the initial setup does not fulfil the strict requirements, the CAST simulation model can be used as test-bed to mitigate bottlenecks and identify a better suited layout, optimized resource numbers or updated operational procedures.