CAST User Conference 2021

We are inviting our CAST users to this year’s CAST User Conference.

After another challenging year, we are eager to see you again! Unfortunately, the current travel restrictions still make it difficult to meet in person. Thus, we are planning this year’s CAST User Conference as webmeeting on 18th Nov 2021. Save the date in your calender now!

You can look forward to interesting new CAST features, extensions and case studies, for example:

Introduction of the CAST Airspace Module

As an optional extension of the proven CAST Aircraft platform, CAST Airspace significantly expands the details for modelling possibilities in the airspace, e.g. for airspace capacity studies, route reorganisation or re-sectorisation projects. Among others, a CAST Airspace model includes the relevant routes to and from an airport including its SIDs, STARs and sectors for initial, intermediate and final approach. ATC concepts such as speed control, radar vectoring and holding procedures are taken into account considering specific rules and procedures. Another valuable addition is the optional integration of the Eurocontrol BADA performance data, allowing the use of generally accepted reference data.

Advanced Flight Schedule Analysis

In particular in these days, traffic numbers have become highly volatile. Thus, a quick understanding of the changed demand levels is essential. New pre-designed analysis templates support the selection of busy days and allow a better zoom-in on the peak structure and breakdown or filtering to various flight properties, e.g. by traffic cluster, region, terminal etc. These insights allow an optimized planning of operations and to foresee potential new challenges.

Visual Improvements of CAST Terminal Objects

New features in CAST Terminal will make it much easier to get a realistically looking model without preparational work in other tools. We will demonstrate you the new visualization objects in CAST, making your model visually more attractive to better convince stakeholders and clients while at the same time saving effort during the model setup.

Application of CAST in Operations Planning

With Pax Flow Solutions powered by CAST Express, ARC is providing decision support systems at major international hub airports. By representing all passenger flows and related processes in a fast time simulation engine, the system calculates and forecasts the expected loads and capacity situations at all interconnected processes in the terminal. Airport stakeholders get a common view on the planned capacity situation and expected demand at all terminal processors. Connected to the airport live database, the most accurate prediction of the capacity situation enables optimized staffing and better service quality.

These are only a few examples of the planned presentations by ARC. In addition, also our users are contributing with presentations about recent case studies and their use of CAST.

The CAST User Conference will be a great opportunity to stay in touch with other CAST users and shape the future roadmap of CAST. We hope you will be able to participate!

Registration will open shortly.