ARC at Passenger Terminal Expo (Booth 2060)

ARC is looking forward to meeting you at Passenger Terminal Expo 2019 in London!

ARC will show various use cases from its long years of experience in airport capacity planning and simulation consulting projects.

With the CAST Airport Software Suite, ARC provides a unique simulation, allocation and optimization environment, covering terminal, airside, ground handling traffic and all corresponding resources, and processes. The scalability and flexibility of CAST enables planners and operators to work with aggregated or highly detailed models. The use of CAST does not only lead to an optimised infrastructure and efficient operations, but also allows quicker and more reliable decisions as well as a more intense communication possibility with experts, decision makers and stakeholders.

The services offered are not limited to the delivery of the simulation software only.  It also includes supporting the user in data acquisition, performing capacity studies and elaborating optimization measures for infrastructure development.

ARC’s consulting department is performing time-critical and challenging projects while sitting next door to the CAST software developers. In such an environment a fruitful and seamless communication drives the development of new features, from which the whole CAST user community benefits when new releases of the software are issued once a year.