ARC at inter airport europe 2021

Conference Presentation on CAST Solutions


Raimo Jacobson of ARC will hold a very interesting seminar session on Wednesday, Nov 11 at 14:30:

“Solutions powered by CAST – Simulation-based real time demand prediction for better airport resource planning”.

As part of the digital transformation, CAST’s accurate forecasting technology supports resource planning and proactive, agile management to reduce costs and waiting times in parallel. Based on several successful implementations at airport terminals (HKG, ICN, MUC, DUS, BER, etc.), the background and methodology will be described, including potential benefits and applications for airside and apron.


More information on Solutions powered by CAST

SOLUTIONS powered by CAST are customized software and services that provide fast-time predictive analysis of airport terminal processes. On the day of operation, the solution accesses the airport’s IT data like AODB, resource management systems and live process monitoring systems. This gives the airport operator the most precise real-time prediction on the passenger flows and allows an optimized resource supply including the expected waiting times.